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Westhill Village

Westhill Village is the community encompassed by the Ferman Loop.

A community to Prosper and Live. Westhill Village is the place to be. Located in the desirable North West corner of Guelph, it embodies that atmosphere of community and feels like a village.

For those growing up in the loop it is the place their hearts return and the community is the one they emulate when they land in their own home.

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Westhill Village - a Community to Prosper and Live.

Filled with community spirit the people are special.

Each summer is an annual Canada Day Parade with a street barbecue, games, contests and topped off with a fireworks display that one young attended described as such "WOW - It's just like Disney Land"

And no fighting traffic after or a long drive home after.

When the city cancelled the Santa Claus Parade, due to the Covid Pandemic, the people of Westhill village got together and organized their own, covid safe Santa Claus parade complete with pictures with Santa for the young ones and their new parents.

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